A new dawn rises for the building construction

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Imagine and create

The house of your dreams is here. Imagine, develop your idea and create the home you have always dreamed of, in the simplest way, with BAYA.

Online Shopping

Once you have finished your project, all you have to do is order and buy your new home. 60 days later, you will be able to enter the house of your dreams.

Designed by BAYA

From the moment we receive your order, the BAYA team starts to bring your project to life, taking care of each and every process. Love in all details of design process.

Direct communication

Thanks to this new business model, we get you to follow all the project processes, as well as maintain constant and personalized communication with you.

Process and shipping

We personally deal with the entire process, eliminating intermediaries such as, builders, suppliers, distributors or any other.Offering greater quality and speed in the process.

Reception and assembly

Once you receive the shipment of all the pieces, the construction of the house of your dreams is completely simple, thanks to this innovative construction system.

Set to change the building construction industry

Imagine a home which is beautiful, comfortable, top-performing, fully customizable, built under 60 days and still widely affordable and also with a smaller carbon footprint on our planet. You can build what you want.

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Original idea

Creative thoughts

Original idea

Your future home will be born from your ideas. With BAYA, it is you who decides, imagines, creates, develops and enjoys for life.





BAYA is a pioneering and totally revolutionary company with presents an innovative business model within the construction sector.


Fast & cheaper

Quality Materials

Fast & cheaper

The processes are much faster and their costs are much cheaper than in a conventional construction. You will get your house in just 60 days!





We are a brand committed to the environment. Our processes are ecologically sustainable and do not include the use of toxic materials

Three overlapping modules style

This house of three superimposed modules, contains a main module that encompasses the largest space in the house, where the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom are located. In the adjoining module, there is a garage for two car spaces and a storage room. In the second floor module, there are two rooms with a bathroom included in both. One of them is arranged towards the front side of the house and the other towards the back garden.

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Easy to design

Create your dream house in the easiest way, using the BAYA software.

Order in a click

Once you have designed your house, you can easily buy on our platform.

Do not miss anything

Follow all the processes without losing a single detail of your project.

Always connected

We maintain direct and personalized contact with all of our clients.

Received updates

We will keep you informed throughout the process, so that nothing escapes you.

Always available

You will be able to contact our technical team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Ready to build?

Baya is born from a revolutionary and innovative idea, who changes the whole building concept. In that game, you are the main character, who imagines, creates and builds his own house. Just like your dream house!

We are able to create that new concept of construction, because in the whole process, the communication it's between you and BAYA. Thanks to this new business model, we are able to maintain constant communication with you about all the details and evolution of your project. Because during the process there are no: Builders, suppliers, distributors, or anyone else involved. That’s what allows us to handle the whole process, reducing your costs and shortening deadlines, to offer you more quality and speed, whith deliveries in any part of the world where you would like to build your home.

In the same way, we owe the planet, to contribute to your well-being and those around you. Our strong commitment to the environment, makes the processes to be ecologically sustainable, because we are a brand with high social, environmental and economic responsibility. We do not allow the use of toxic materials, so the carbon footprint on our planet is much smaller than other construction processes.

A new world starts here, with BAYA. Are you ready to be a part of that and build whit us?

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